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New Year, New books

So, everyone at this time of year talks resolutions – and I’m sort of no exception. However, mine is to keep building Abbeysound Audio as a brand for audiobook production. Today, a book I completed a few months back popped up on Amazon It’s surprising how a few relatively simple ideas can help your business … Continue reading New Year, New books

Audiobooks are not cheating

So here’s a thought… Often, students can be put off studying English because they don’t enjoy reading. For bookworms like me, I find it sad some people don’t get to find out about some brilliant stories unless it becomes a film. BUT, the world of audiobooks could potentially open those avenues up. For years, students … Continue reading Audiobooks are not cheating

When is a voiceover not a voiceover….

…. When a voiceover has a cold! Actually, having cattaur, sore throat etc really does put a spanner in the works. Luckily, I had lots of editing work plus some music production to do this week but you really realise how careful you have to be with your voice in this trade. It first occurred … Continue reading When is a voiceover not a voiceover….

New year, new stories, new directions

So, here we are in 2019. Some will say ‘New year? It’s same old, same old’ but not me. New challenges and new productions to make – all very exciting. I start work on a new production for an English author based in Germany next week plus I’ve pre-productions to finish for a writer in … Continue reading New year, new stories, new directions