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Working hard – obviously!

So, now into the 3rd month of the new side of Abbeysound, creating audiobooks full-time alongside the music recording and production side. You can see both sides at, where the website is split into 2 seperate areas I hoped that I could really push this side of things and it’s working really well. I currently have 3 completely different books in production, with 1 being the first in a whole series. I’ve really enjoyed using my skills in a new way.

I promise I’ll tell more about the books but they only when I’ve completed them, so I can link to the author’s / publisher’s promotions too.

And it’s not only books! I’ve done some ads and corporate videos – everything from cartoon characters to an Internet virus! Keeping busy is one thing but to be able to do it with such interesting work is a really bonus.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this, please feel free to share – that would be great and I’d be very grateful.



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