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When is a voiceover not a voiceover….

…. When a voiceover has a cold! Actually, having cattaur, sore throat etc really does put a spanner in the works. Luckily, I had lots of editing work plus some music production to do this week but you really realise how careful you have to be with your voice in this trade. It first occurred to me when watching my daughter performing in Young Voices. As I was about to singalong my support, a little voice in my head said ‘don’t forget the book you’re narrating tomorrow’ and that was it – I became clapalong dad instead. I’ll need to remind myself about this next time I’m at a football match too – the referee will have to receive my ‘advice’ with gestures rather than words!!

It’s getting towards a week for my cold now and whilst I’ve stopped vocally swinging between Barry White and Minnie Mouse, I’m still not quite 100% – now, where did I put the honey & lemon……


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